Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun Fumes

A miracle has occurred. Our house is now officially "ours". Did we pay off our mortgage? Not a chance. Justin and I finally made a big cosmetic change to our home, finally differentiating it from the house we bought over a year ago. We painted!
Let me just be honest with you: I don't have a lot of painting experience. In my childhood home, we had wallpaper in every room. The only painting I did until age 18 was when we finished the basement. I got to paint the walls white. Very exciting, I know. In college, two friends and I moved into a on-campus house (Yay SAC Shack!) with separate bedrooms. So for the first time, I was able to express myself through the color on my bedroom walls. One color would have been boring, so I went with an entire landscape scene. Below the chair rail were green meadows and hills; above were blue skies and white, fluffy clouds. I think I might have even painted some flowers and trees. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. But I'm going off on a tangent...
So Justin and I picked out some colors over the weekend, bought the paint on Monday evening, and were too excited to wait for the long weekend to start. Last night we completed the boldest transformation: the guest bathroom. What was once stark white is now creamy chocolate brown. Once I get some artwork on the wall and some accessories in there, it will be a whole different room. It will be spectacular. Finally, I won't be ashamed to have people over! This weekend on our to-do list: master bedroom and master bathroom. Pictures of the completed projects to be posted soon!

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