Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heels and Toes

When I first started knitting in November, my ultimate goal was to knit socks. I must admit, I have a thing for socks. They can have patterns or images, multiple colors or solid, plus, you can mix and match! Toe socks, knee socks... Yes, indeed. There is something mighty special about socks. So when I was told that I too can knit socks, I was incredulous. Me? Knit something I can wear? This must be too good to be true. Even so, I imagined one day I would achieve my dream. After a potholder, coin purse, six foot long scarf and baby booties, I would like to show off my newest creation.

Many thanks to Lynde for believing in me! (Plus showing me how those tricky double pointed needles work!) Now if only I had two....

1 comment:

Justin said...

There is nothing sadder than a sock without a friend.