Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A House for Everyone

Has anyone else noticed that everyone and their cousins are buying houses? I sure have. My sister started looking at a condo about a month ago, and she put an offer in (that was accepted) a few days later. That same week, I found out that a woman I work with was in the process of buying a house. Then last week, I get a call from my friend Emily in Colorado who is in the process of buying a townhouse. All first time homebuyers. I guess that $8,000 is on a lot of minds lately. I know it would be for Justin and I. Perhaps we rushed into this house thing. Maybe we should have stayed in an apartment the first year and a half we were married. After all, houses are a lot of work. Especially our house, where we wanted to make renovations since the day we moved in.
But enough of that nonsense. Houses are great. I love our house and would not have wanted to be anywhere else the past year and a half. If we had not bought our house, we would not have had Kevin. We may not have become so involved at church. Therefore, we may never have traveled to Haiti.

I like to think we started the house-buying trend.

House, even though we had to gut the kitchen, want to finish the basement, and need new siding and windows, I think you're great. Thanks for putting a roof over our heads and changing our lives for the better.

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