Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Suggestion Box

Now that the basement is 96% complete (just a couple of doors and some trim remain!), we need to start thinking about furnishing all this extra space. Our basement is now roughly divided into two large rooms: the room when you first come down the stairs (we'll call it room 1) and the room with the bathroom branching off (room 2). We quickly found a solution to room 2 by making it into a ping pong room. Unfortunately, that still leaves room 1.

Room 1 is rectangluar, with stairs on the west wall, opposite the french doors to the media room. The north wall has a large opening into the ping pong room. But otherwise, room 1 is a blank canvas. This room needs a purpose- but what is it? Reading room? Game room? Art gallery?

Because I'm at a loss, I am now taking suggestions for what we can do with a big empty room. Help!

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